Saturday, 2 January 2010

Next person who calls them the 'aught years' gets a wedgie.

Oh my. I'm coming here late in the day. It's dark out and I'm incapable of telling you about this day or even tomorrow right this second so we'll go with a grateful list and call it a night.

  1. I slept in. Only the sleeping part was only from about five until eight. (It was worth it. So, so worth it.)
  2. Soundgarden is reuniting. YES!
  3. The middle of January forecast appears to be warmer than it is now. Thank heavens.
  4. I have movies to watch all month long. Most of them seem to involve Gerard Butler. Why? He makes me happy. Just like PJ and chocolate cake.
  5. The drywall is finished. It was a huge project and it's done. Done!
  6. There will be more cake. I'm going to go get one. Maybe on Tuesday.
  7. Did I mention the two extra minutes of daylight a day?
  8. When I grasp at straws, I am usually successful (see #7)
We're going to go now and make some bagels and fruit for dinner (lunch was so late, like 2:30!) and walk the puppy and watch some movies. Tomorrow is my last day of Normal Life with Ben. I have to keep reminding myself that it's not forever, but it sure feels like it is. And I know I'll be (almost) okay when he goes. I just wish he could stay.

PJ, Lochlan, Dalt, Sky, Danny, Christian and Rob all went today. So yeah. New plan. Pour cement into Ben's shoes. Turn off cellphones. Hunker down and disappear.

If only.