Friday, 18 December 2009


I'm going to check out of today, which hasn't gone all that smoothly but it may be because of the chip on my shoulder and go worship the velvet curtains and mid-black screen of the movie theater for three speechless hours of escape. Sorely needed, and long overdue.

Movies are my escape and they're been few and far between as of late. I'll be able to rectify that once Ben is away but for now I'm kind of a barnacle on his underbelly, content to cling and feed off his existence, a pretty parasite of the unnoticed kind. That is the hardest part of this move. I can pack things, I can arrange for things, I can coordinate things. I cannot process being away from Ben for weeks at a time anymore. Maybe I used to, maybe I never did.

God, this sucks.

On the upside, the kids are off for Christmas break, Ben is home for the next two weeks straight and okay, no, I really need the escape. Bye.

I'll have a review of Avatar later on. Possibly tonight.