Thursday, 10 December 2009

Thursday afternoon and it's not so evil after all.

I'm finished pulling together all of the cards, tiny packages, cheques, cash (where necessary) and gift cards for Caleb's Christmas and I have his flight booked. He is spending the holidays in Montreal (!) and will be returning prior to New Years to see us and finish up at the loft. It's already been sold. Ye Gods, I can only wish and hope that my house sells as painlessly as the loft and Lochlan's house did. John is also hoping much the same thing. His house is smaller though, it will probably go quickly.

Monday we will head out and distribute all of this goodness. Caleb is generous to a fault around the holidays and forgets no one. Right down to the postal worker who delivers his mail, his dry cleaner and the suitmaker who sends his bespoke jackets from overseas.

I think everyone's going to be very happy.

Apparently I will get something as well. I really hope it's a gift card for the Keg. Bridget loves the Keg! I said that to Caleb over lunch (which was not at the Keg) and he almost spit water all over me.

You're family. Number one on my list.

List of what?

People I want to be generous with.

Oh, that list.

I'm trying hard to act accordingly, princess. To make you comfortable around me.

It's been better recently.

I'm pleased to hear that.

I wait for the other shoe to drop though.

Maybe you should give up that wait. I'm not as young as I used to be.

I look at him and he does look older. Like James Bond meets Tom Ford. Lines around his eyes but little else to reveal his age. Dresses better than both and has the manners of a king in mixed company and a wolf alone.

Things will be different when we get you out of here, Bridget.

This is a rescue mission then. I was right.

Of sorts, yes. It will also be good for business and I'm sure that you, Ben and the children will find life more rewarding on the coast.

I hope so.

We'll make it easier, princess.

He smiled then, but I knew he wasn't lying to me. He doesn't lie about the very big things.

Why are you really going to Montreal for the holidays? To see Sophie?

I will see her while I'm there, yes. Montreal at Christmas is spectacular. Not to mention Ben has two weeks with nothing scheduled so I want the two of you to enjoy your holidays together before he leaves. In private.

I nodded. I still can't wrap my brain around that. Two whole weeks with Ben at home. We'll kill each other. In a good way.

So now you have a long weekend ahead of you and I will see you for breakfast on Monday?

Yes. What time is Mike coming by the house?

Eight-thirty sharp. He'll take the kids to school and bring you to me.


And Bridget?


Everything's going to be fine.

Tell me that on the other side.

I promise I will. Goodnight, princess. Be happy, princess. You're not. Not yet.

It was an odd thing for him to say but I think I understand.