Monday, 21 December 2009

Strange circles and narcoleptic records.

I had my annual check-in call from Batman this morning. Interesting. He usually calls on New Year's Day but he wasn't sure he wanted to interrupt the final days of my sanity and security. I didn't really think he read here but I always mind my words anyway. In that I don't care if certain people read, I'm going to say what I came to say and only what I came to say.

We had movie night last night. Went and saw 2012 and The Hangover.

Here's some reviews:

2012: I am not a John Cusack fan. His face is virtually expressionless. I feel nothing because he looks like he feels nothing. Dead eyes. Add to that cheating death a hundred and fifty times and I was left thinking the director's mission was to out-big Independence Day. Fail. One should not be bored by a movie.

The Hangover: Hilarious. All of it. Even the weird parts. I spent the whole movie wondering why I knew Bradley Cooper's face and had to look it up this morning. Lonely Planet on television a lifetime ago. Peru. Aha. PJ and the bearded guy are personality twins. Bradley's character in the movie was so laid back I was jealous. I laughed and I only fell asleep in one tiny part and only for a second and Ben checked and I was busted and therefore, awake. I heard they are making part 2 and I will go see it when it's out.

I really hope no one is offended when I check out of consciousness during a perfectly good movie. It has nothing to do with the quality or I would have slumbered right through 2012. Seriously. I like apocalypse movies. That one was a joke. It's just that when I stop moving, I fall asleep.

Today I'm sort of sitting here not cleaning my house, and after lunch we're going to get a big load of Christmas groceries, run a few errands (I need a weird light bulb for my range hood, Ben has to drop off his studio keys, etc.) and then we'll go and see Santa, because we haven't yet. I couldn't do crowds. I just couldn't. I'm hoping since it's a Monday afternoon he'll have a few moments for us. Then maybe out for some Thai (YAY!) and then some movies tonight at home. Whatever's on will be fine. I'm enjoying Benjamin until he is gone. That's all I can manage and I'm mostly able to push away the scary thoughts right this second.

A tall order on the shortest day of the year.

The strange part of today is Caleb's willingness to blend in, go with the flow and be mellow. He spoke with Batman, spoke with Sophie (I could hear their conversation and God is so playing a bad joke on me with this) and has been learning how to play video games with the children.

Everyone is focused on the children when they aren't shoving each other around and jostling for Bridget-time because apparently I am not the only planet in this galaxy. Which I knew already but frankly my kids are way more mature and well-adjusted than I am and so they need less reassurance and more fun, while I need more reassurance and perhaps a very thorough lobotomy.

Off to get the day underway, it will probably be a busy afternoon.