Thursday, 10 December 2009

A good jolly December wind.

Next person who starts a fight finds somewhere else to live. Now who is coming to watch the movie?

It was a sentence I heard clearly as I contemplated the shelves full of soups and spices in the pantry and wondered why I should be the one heartbroken by their behavior when they should have to deal with it instead.

The door opened and Ben poked his head in and he laughed when he saw me standing there holding bottles of tumeric and oregano.

What are you doing, princess?

Rearranging my spices alphabetically.

I see. Do you think you'll be finished soon?

No...see, there's so many. This could take all night.

He came inside and tried to close the door behind him but he's too big and there's too much stuff inside and he tried to straighten and the shelf of candy boxes behind him lifted and crashed down onto the pasta shelf below it. He gave up and threw the door wide open and ducked back out.

That's too bad. We're going to call the kids down and put on a movie.

Are you going to stop fighting?

Yes, princess.


We've already kissed and made up. Your boyfriend doesn't like my lip gloss.

He's not my boyfriend, and yes, he's very picky.

I told him I'd try all different kinds of flavours until we hit on one that pleases him.

What did he say?

He swore at me.

I'm not surprised.

You think it's my breath?

No, Ben. It's not your breath.

Come on, princess. Everyone is waiting.

I'm coming. Here's the popcorn.

Oh, it's really handy, you living in there.

Yeah, see?